Tourist Attractions and Tourist Spots in the USA

The tourism industry in the United States has particularly gained prominence as one of the vibrant sectors of the economy. One of the most developed countries in the world, United States of America has millions of people visiting its various cities and states every year. Honeymooners find the United States a romantic and thrilling country to visit during their much-awaited vacations. The country has proved itself as a cultural center, adventure destination, and entertainment zone. The US draws tourists to its stunning mountains and valleys, rainforests, theme parks, gardens, and historical centers. US Cities experienced a boom in tourism during the 1890s. Urban tourism in the cities of New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington rotated around national historic landmarks, theme parks, museums, and sightseeing. Particularly, Central and Northern America became important tourist hub at the end of the 19th century.
There are plenty of opportunities for international visitors to explore in the United States. USA tourist attractions will obviously make your holidays a memorable one. They cater to all kinds of tourists willing to either have an adventurous vacation, a peaceful or tropical vacation or visit the historical and cultural sites in the nation. For children too, the amusement parks are all time popular.
In case you are scheduling to visit the city of Los Angeles, the places that you must visit will be the Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, Hollywood, Long Beach, and Malibu Beach. These are among some of the top most attractions in the state of California.
Chicago would be a different journey for you. Fun and amusement is an integral part of the city life here. Chicago USA tourist attractions include the Brookfield Zoo, Grant Park, and John Hancock Center. The Navy Pier draws a significant number of people every year from around the world. If you are a nightlife lover, outstanding bars, pubs, and discos are also there for you as evening stops in Chicago.
The Fremont Street Experience would complete your tour to Las Vegas. A city known for its nightlife, entertainment, and grand casinos, Las Vegas remains a desirable place in the nation. Other places to visit in Las Vegas are Hoover Dam, Las Vegas Strip, and The Flamingo.
New York City's most famous landmark is the Statue of Liberty. The Central Park, Ellis Island, Times Square, Manhattan, Broadway, and the Staten Island Ferry are included in the city tours.
In Miami, you can opt for selected tours to Florida Keys, St Petersburg, Everglades, and the Orange Bowl. Miami downtown also remains fully loaded with tourists during the Christmas and New Year Eve.

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