Do TV Shows like ‘16 and Pregnant’ Promote or Discourage Teen Pregnancies?

In recent years, and in direct correspondence with the increased incidence rates of teenage pregnancy observed after the turn of the millennium and during the entirety of the 90s, many primetime TV shows like ’16 and Pregnant’ and ‘Teen Mom’ (which arose as a spin-off of the former televised MTV production) sought to tackle this issue head-on. These TV series, as well as other documentary videos that deal with societal problems including young-adult issues, can be easily watched through an Optimum TV Packages subscription.

How the Government & Private Agencies Factor into this Issue

Almost all public & non-governmental health regulatory institutions, like the CDC and the Pelletier Teenage Mothers’ Foundation (among many others), are mostly unanimous in their prescriptions against underage pregnancy – due in large part to the significantly increased socioeconomic and cultural pressures that young mothers with the child are forced to deal with.

And this experiential dynamic holds true for both developed and developing countries.

These public-welfare agencies, as a result, vest great efforts in trying to promote the use of inexpensive contraceptive devices among teenage and young adult populations and try to acquaint them with the harrowing descriptions of raising an infant in less-than-ideal monetary and intellectually-mature circumstances. A primary motivation for these information-dissemination bodies is to educate youngsters on the heavy burdens & responsibilities that come with unwanted pregnancies and to teach them some steps to mitigate such threats from arising at the wrong time.

According to the CDC, teen moms have a 50% higher school dropout rate than their non-child bearing peers in class – and the same holds true for the children born to them (later on in their own lives). The said group of mothers also have to make do with lower-paying jobs, and generally, have to struggle day-in & day-out to make ends meet (and with a baby to take care of). Some of the most heart-rending and debilitated lifestyle dynamics are observed in the case of teen moms who are forsaken by their partners at the crucial juncture before the births of their offspring, and who do not (or are legally/politically unable to) opt for an abortion.

What the Show is all about…

16 and Pregnant first aired on TV in June 2009, based on its producers’ (which include the likes of Morgan Freeman) intent to present a realistic depiction of teenage pregnancy – in an effort to de-glamorize its appeal in the minds of adolescents and young adults. Each episode in the series lasts for about 40 – 50 minutes and portrays the real-life story of a new teen mom undergoing the rigors of pregnancy and childbirth. Most of the show participants hail from lower-income and middle class American suburban families, who have to balance their school/college, job and other social & domestic obligations against the backdrop of their burgeoning pregnancies.

The said TV show (as well as others like it) spring from the ardent belief of their producers in the culturally-transformative power of popular culture – which introduces (and may seek to eliminate) certain practices and ideas concurrent with observed social practice. By portraying issues like teenage pregnancy in an overall negative light (since many people would argue that its demerits can, in a lot of cases, outnumber its positive aspects), pop-culture can help in regulating young adult behavior towards more productive and fulfilling life outcomes (which can include giving birth to children at a later point in time than high-school or college).

The ‘Lived’ Dynamics of Teen Pregnancies

Sometimes (and as evidenced by a few episode installments from the show), the highest levels of negative pressure often seem to come from the families of the pregnant teenagers themselves. Particularly in the rural areas of the United States, with higher concentrations of evangelicals, the risks associated with teenage births are compounded by the unhelpful attitudes of conservative parents and elders – who come to view their daughters’ (and sometimes sons’) sexual misdemeanors in the overtly religious tones of ‘sin’ and ‘chastisement’. On this front, there have even been a few reported cases of forced abortions or home-exiles subjected upon young pregnant mothers by their intense disciplinarian and ‘traditionally-minded’ guardians.

The show’s feel, which ranges at times from witty and comical to sober, melancholy & introspective, is often described by casual surveyors as being ‘raw’ and emotionally effective. This observation seems to support the series primary goal (also alluded to above) – that of attempting to discourage young adults from practices of unsafe sex and physical consummations for infatuation’s sake. The risk of contending with a harsh existence, after all, can often prove enough for most youngsters – still in the prime of their youths, and largely unwilling to settle down seriously – from following through with their spontaneous desires.

With its last season debuting in the summer of 2014, some observers and researchers noticed a drop in the reported incidences of teenage pregnancies and attributed this decrement in childbirth to the show. Others, however, continue to remain skeptical about such correlations and think that the economic recession of the first Obama years may also have something to do with these figures.

The Show’s Incorporation in Sex Education Curriculums

In some schools in Pennsylvania, sex educators often like to hold screenings of 16 and Pregnant (and other TV series belonging to the same morally/practically-instructive genre of screened productions) in front of their classes. Since the actors portrayed within these shows are of themselves youngsters, and hail from the same sociocultural backgrounds as the pupils receiving the instructions, they prove to be more psychologically relatable.

When considered in retrospect (and based on all the points highlighted in this post), there can be no doubt that shows like ’16 and Pregnant’ are essentially concerned with discouraging teenage pregnancies. And their continued screenings can play a major role in helping public administrators and officials turn the tide of underage births within their communities.

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Best Tips For Travelling To The USA

The USA is an amazing country that offers something for every type of holidaymaker - from city breaks to historic sites and from sports holidays to amazing camping spots. While culturally, the USA is very similar to many of the countries of Europe, they do have some rules and regulations that are different to travelling around Europe. So here are some top tips to travelling to the USA to make your trip as enjoyable and problem-free as possible.

Preparing For Your Trip

Before you book your trip, consider the time of year, you are travelling and the part of the USA you are travelling to. Hurricane season runs from June to November and affects a large number of states across the center and south of the country. If you have booked for this period of time and for an area affected by the hurricanes, you can monitor the situation ahead of the event via the National Hurricane Center's website.
The other important thing to remember about the USA regards medical insurance. The US doesn't have a state system that is free the way that some countries do so medical costs can be quite expensive if something goes wrong. This is why travel insurance for the USA is always the most expensive level but can be essential. If you aren't correctly covered under the travel insurance, you personally will be liable for the costs of any medical treatment you need and this can easily run into the thousands of dollars.

Boarding The Plane

The USA has very strict rules about what you can and cannot take on an airplane that is entering their airspace, which is understandable in light of recent history. There is also a very high level of security upon entering the country so if you need further information about this, check with your airline or the US Federal Aviation Administration's website.

Entering The Country

Unlike travelling between many states in Europe, you cannot enter the US without a visa. This is a document that is issued on a discretionary basis by the US embassy in the capital city of your country and can be obtained only by visiting the embassy in person. To do this you need to book an appointment sometime in advance and have a meeting with a member of embassy staff to get the visa.
Another option that has been created recently is called an ESTA application. This is an online process that alleviates the need to visit the embassy and can all be processed on their website. It produces an ESTA visa waiver that is valid for 90 days for trips to the US and also allows trips to neighboring countries such as Mexico and Canada and then re-entry to the US on the same visa.
Getting Around

If you decide you want to rent a car and drive around when staying in the US, then most countries such as the UK have an agreement whereby you can use your driving license. As long as you have a full license you can drive in the US though some rental car companies stipulate that the driver must have had the license for at least twelve months and be a minimum age of 21, 25 for some companies. International driving permits are not required but are generally said to be helpful.

Female Hair Loss - No Longer a Secret

In recent years there has been a large increase in the number of women experiencing hair loss. What is unclear is whether female hair loss is actually increasing or if it is just that more and more women are coming forward about it. For years, women have suffered in silence, ashamed and afraid that anyone might notice their thinning hair line. Women suffering from losing their hair would turn to their hairdresser for a new haircut to hide their thinning hair or even begin to wear a wig in order to hide the problem. Thanks to the many advances made over the last several decades for men's hair loss, women started coming forward and today, there are over 35 million women in the United States that are known to be suffering some form of hair loss.
Telogen Effluvium
Telogen effluvium is one of the most common and well known forms of female hair loss. This is a temporary and dramatic change in the hair growth patter than typically follows a child birth or other major events. For years, obstetricians, midwives and pregnancy books have warned expectant mothers that they would have thick lush hair during their pregnancy and that most of it would fall out in the weeks following the baby's birth. This also occurs sometimes after a major surgery or if a woman starts on a crash diet. There have even been cases following a major emotional upheaval.
Hormonal Problems
More recent findings suggest that some female hair loss is linked to polycystic ovarian syndrome. Although this is a common hormonal problem in women, it often has no other obvious physical symptoms other than losing hair. Seeking treatment for the underlying health issue will usually correct the loss as well. Other studies have found links between thyroid issues, vitamin deficiencies, chronic illnesses and drug interactions and hair loss. Because of the wide variety of potential causes, it is highly recommended that any woman that is experiencing a loss of hair should be thoroughly checked out by a physician to rule out anything serious.
If you are a woman that is losing her hair, the chances are that you feel very alone. Know that you are not, there are more than 35 million others suffering from the same thing. The best thing that you can do is consult your doctor, so that you can begin to seek treatment, and correct whatever it is that is causing your hair loss. Never lose hope and never give up, consult your doctor and then obviously your Gorgeous World is only a step away.

How to Keep Your Skin Young and Healthy

Keeping your skin healthy should not be a difficult job, but all of us know that it is. No matter how hard you try to avoid certain problems from appearing, they usually find a way to affect you in one way or another. Here are some basic tips on how to obtain and maintain healthy skin.
A good start is to give up on all your current skin care products which contain active chemicals. Not many people know this, but if you mix a couple of creams onto your skin you will eventually lower the power of your immune system. This means that you will end up searching for more and more products and your skin will only get weaker.
After that, you should start using a shower cream which is based on natural ingredients. Do not look for something which is expensive or has an attractive smell; just focus on the ingredient list. A cream which contains Coenzyme Q10 or Cynergy TK is recommended. After you are done with this step, you can move on to the next one.
A simple shower cream is enough to keep you safe from minor bacterial attacks. However, you will have to figure out a way to keep your skin healthy by using only one or two natural products. Luckily, there are many creams out there which are perfect for you. All you have to do is take a look at the active ingredients and buy the cream which contains some natural ones which have already been proven to work.
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How to Lose Weight Quickly

Weight loss is simply getting rid of extra mass stored up in the body as fat. The body requests calories to work properly but when we take in more calories than the body needs, it is stored up as fat in the body. The main goal when we embark on a weight loss program is to get the body to used up the fat stored up in it while we cut down the number of calories we take in. In order to do this, we need to be aware of what we take into our system. We need personal discipline, commitment, and patience.
Many individuals who started out determined to lose weight have discovered that although fast weight loss is possible on the short run. However, it is almost impossible to maintain it without the right personal discipline and commitment. The main purpose of this article is to show you some steps that could help you lose weight quickly in the short run and also help you maintain it on the long run.
Set Your Goal
To lose weight quickly, you need to determine how many pounds you want to lose within a set period of time and be committed to doing it. To do this you need to seek counsel from your personal doctor. He is in the best position to advise you on the most appropriate goal that would be healthy for you.
Drink Plenty of Water
Water is necessary for the kidney to function efficiently. The kidney is what actually rids the system of toxin and other waste the body generates. You need to start out by drinking enough water so your liver can function doing what it is meant to do - transforming fat to expendable energy.
Eat Healthy Food
Food is needed for the body to function properly. Do not starve ever. It is not healthy for your body organs. None of the doctors will appreciate it.
Eat Healthy Fat and Starch
Good fat is the fat the body can easily convert into fatty acid by the body enzymes. Enzymes are a kind of catalysts essential to speed up a chemical reaction. Body enzymes help the digestive system break down complex food molecules so the body can use them for growth and energy.
Healthy fat is found in fish and poultry products. Carbohydrate is necessary for energy. Carbohydrate with reasonable fat can increase body metabolism.
Proper Exercise
Increased aerobic activities increase body metabolism and this burns fat rapidly. As a result, a person can handsomely lose weight. Do not drive when you should walk. The staircase is especially a regular source of aerobic activity. Do not use the lift if you do not have to walk up the sixth or seventh floor, instead use the stairs and burn your extra calories. Home tasks like cleaning and gardening are also good sources of aerobic activities.

Do TV Shows like ‘16 and Pregnant’ Promote or Discourage Teen Pregnancies?

In recent years, and in direct correspondence with the increased incidence rates of teenage pregnancy observed after the turn of the mill...

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